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    UTOPIA Fantasy Horror Adventure translation completed!

    Though inadvertently delayed for about a month, it’s now completed!


    Title: UTOPIA Fantasy Horror Adventure
    Author: Shintaro
    Published: 2014 June 13
    Endings: 3
    Requires RPG Maker VX RTP

    This recent game here has been quite well-regarded, and hearing it talked about in a live stream by Buriki Clock as one of the “great games to come out recently” certainly gave great motivation to get this translation completed. Note that though it has “horror” in its title, the horror content is somewhat light, so it should be okay to play even if you’re not all that good with horror.


    Additional note: Akane’s last name was never stated in-game but it is “Ninomiya” (二ノ宮).

    Play videos:





    It should be noted that I haven’t checked through things 100%, so there may be the chance I accidentally left something untranslated. If you ever find such a thing, please do report it to me.

    Now after this, I’ll be working on Buriki Clock’s newest work, Fantasy Maiden’s Odd Hideout before going on to Little Red Riding Hood’s Wolf.

    (I might also consider translating Shintaro’s earlier games sometime in the future, although they are of a somewhat different flavor.)

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    Doraemon: Nobita’s Biohazard English translation

    Though I was thinking of translating this sometime, it turns out that someone else translated this while I was unaware, until someone recently notified me about it. I feel really glad that there are more people now translating games like these!


    Link: (Click on the link “MEGA” for the download)

    Back around 2009, Doraemon: Nobita’s Biohazard by aaa was one of the “three big” RPG Maker horror games going around Nicovideo (the other two were Ao Oni and Yume Nikki), perhaps at least in part due to the famous Let’s Plays by Fuhiki and Gami, who were the most famous Let’s Players in Japan before they retired (at least while using their old names). And now (well, several months ago), it’s finally translated!

    There’s also some very well-known mods of this game that seem very much worth looking forward to as well.

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    Note to anyone wishing to be a proofreader/editor

    I gladly welcome anyone who wishes to be a proofreader or editor of these translations. Methods of contact include email (can be found from blogspot), skype, or IRC. I am usually present on the channel #towelket on

    After going through Forest of Drizzling Rain one more time, I also intend to edit it once again. It is true that sometimes when I read what I have previously written, I think to myself a lot “this doesn’t quite sound right.” Well it was a rushed translation, so I guess a proofreading is in order.

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    Mikoto Nikki translated by Terriball

    I’ve been recently informed that Mikoto Nikki, the first in Charon’s series of yandere horror games, has recenly been translated by Terriball, a user at /jp/


    I’ve been planning on doing this translation myself for some time, but I guess someone else got to it first. Well, good for all of us, I guess.

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    Upon doing my regular checking of Uboachan, I was surprised to learn that bury has been translated by an anonymous translator.

I was actually thinking of making my own translation of this for my own private use somewhere down the line, but it looks like someone got to it ahead of me. Much thanks to the anonymoud translator who did this for us!

I encourage people to also create more mirrors (i. e. upload it to more places where people can download it) in order to ensure that this doesn’t go away.

    Upon doing my regular checking of Uboachan, I was surprised to learn that bury has been translated by an anonymous translator.

    I was actually thinking of making my own translation of this for my own private use somewhere down the line, but it looks like someone got to it ahead of me. Much thanks to the anonymoud translator who did this for us!

    I encourage people to also create more mirrors (i. e. upload it to more places where people can download it) in order to ensure that this doesn’t go away.

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    Preview of Nao (Season of Twilight)’s next game

    Link to twitter status:

    As stated previously, Himuro Hitoshi will be the main character. Characters from the previous game Paranormal Syndrome will appear.

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    As for why I’ve been depressed for the past 5 years

    Perhaps a more useful post this time…

    I guess it is useful to talk about personal thoughts from time to time. Perhaps I’ve grown less embarrassed talking about myself due to making my last few posts?

    If anyone is going to care to read, anyways. (*Prepares myself for absolutely no one caring*)

    So I’d like to talk about the reason why I’ve been so depressed for the past 5 years. And it has everything to do with what I think is wrong with this world, this culture. Or Western culture (the most influential at the moment), to say the least. Or rather, what it is missing. You see I do think that popular culture is something that is very important to the development of human society and civilization, so if we don’t get it right, human society will be very screwed, I believe.

    And what I believe it is missing is a popular “independent culture” free from commercial influence. We do have an independent culture, but not as big and influential the one that I believe sets a good example, the doujin culture in Japan, which has been one of the biggest influence on culture in Japan. And I believe that at the root of this, are their doujin comics and events for them, like Comic Market (Comiket).

    When I first heard of Comiket, I thought, perhaps we have something like that here, though it gradually sank in that we don’t. And so I tried looking it up on the Japanese Wikipedia, how Comiket and the doujin culture started and such, and tried my best to understand with Google Translate (I couldn’t read Japanese at all back then), and not getting any results, tried experimenting with some thoughts I had. Comiket, after all, just started with around 12 circles and not more than a 400 participants. So if only I had people who I could get to go along with this.

    And then I realized, I had absolutely no close friends who I could count on to go along with this, and had absolutely no idea on how to reach out to people in real life. I firmly believed it was possible, and I still do. But my real-life connections are just so few, and so I grew terribly lonely, even though before I was completely fine even if I was by myself. And it was because I needed to find people in order to make my dream come true. Losing interest in everything else, I thought for hours every day about how to make this come about, with no good results.

    Eventually I thought, that perhaps online attention might be a good way to find people who might like this idea. And so, here I am. Yeah, the reason why I’m looking for people who would like to meet up is precisely for this reason. I guess that those who live too far from Massachusetts can’t do much about this as of now. Ah, I suppose that I’ll surely get no results if I don’t work harder. No hard work, nothing gets done.

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    About the last few posts

    Apologies for spamming my blog with the exact same post several times. It is just that when I first saw people talking shit about mogeko, and then about evilhairbrush’s post, I felt so angry about it, I couldn’t help express it. Even though I hold in my feelings most of the time. If I think there is one thing wrong with this world, more than dictatorships or anything else it’s people like those who would complain about nonexistent fictional crimes, and would want to go thought-police on other people’s imaginations. It’s something that I feel very strongly about, which is also the reason why I used strong language. (There’s not much else I feel so strongly about, so I’ll probably never use such language again, unless I ever encounter this again, which I might not) Anyways, I’ll be going back to my translations and stuff……

    Reply to wadanoharaandthegreatbluesea: ah yes yes, it’s just that I’m not so fond of posting things on my blog that I think are “not so useful” (i. e. personal thoughts), so I did have to go a little out of my principles to make my last few posts.

    Reply to freejolyne: ah, well, I do sorta have a dream of one day being able to create a doujin-like culture in the U.S. If I can change culture enough, perhaps those pro-thought-police people will no longer have a voice.

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    The people I hate most in this world

    Just found about the Mogeko thing today. I don’t know much about Mogeko, and never played her games, but to those “people” who would complain about fictional depictions of rape of non-existent persons, I can only say one thing. Fuck you all, and go die in a ditch already. You are of no benefit of humanity, and I will be happy when every single one of you will disappear from the face of this Earth. I don’t use swear words often, but I absolutely HATE people like that. In fact, hate is not strong enough of a word. I absolutely despise them. They are just the worst people ever.

    Especially “feminists.” Now by “feminists,” (notice the quotation marks) I don’t mean “people who believe in gender equality.” If we’re going by that definition, I myself am quite the feminist. In fact, I may actually believe that the female half is superior and should be the ones in higher positions. But I have absolutely no respect for those who complain about fictional crimes done on non-existent persons. They must be either brain-dead, or just plain malicious.

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    Red World translation complete

    Due to staying with a family living in Wuhan, Hubei that did not have good internet, I wasn’t able to upload it until now. But I finally got a chance to use internet! Hooray!


    Title: Red World
    Author: Nao, of Season of Twilight (夕闇の季節)
    Author’s twitter:
    Published: 2012 August 02
    Last updated (translated version): 2014 July 22 07:42:02 UTC 
    Requires RPG Maker 2000 RTP.

    A short simple game compared to the previous one, Paranormal Syndrome. But I liked it. Like the previous one, it has no multiple endings.

    It will require setting your computer’s locale to Japanese, as well as the RPG Maker 2000 RTP!! For details, see the post concerning Paranormal Syndrome. Here is a link to see HOW TO CHANGE SYSTEM LOCALE.

    There is also a “Time Attack mode” you can access by holding Shift as you start a new game. I recommend trying this only after completing the game once already.


    Videos: to be found here

    By the way, Nao has announced the creation of yet a third game, starring Himuro Hitoshi as the main character. It’ll be some time before it gets finished, though.

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